Meet the Maker

I Set Out To Give Families A Fun Way To Spend Time Together, And We Had Lots Of Fun Along The Way!!

Meet Deanna

Hey there, I’m Deanna! Back in the day, my world was all about athletics. But as life happened and I embraced the 9-5 grind, and later became a parent, staying active and healthy became a challenge.

You know what turned it all around? Two simple goals: spend time outdoors and keep moving. No need to obsess over perfection or duration. I just remind myself to step outside and go (even if it’s just a few minutes)!

I owe my current well-being (both physically and mentally, depending on who you ask) to this daily commitment. And you know what? I adore sharing my passion for exploring the great outdoors and staying active with folks like you. Let’s do this together!

Getting To GO!

Shortly after moving to San Diego, I became obsessed with cycling. I zipped around town, along the coast, and into the mountains on my trusty two wheels, but when the pandemic hit in 2020, my cycling halted and I started to explore San Diego on foot.

Walking opened up a whole new world of possibilities. I found myself pausing to appreciate the city’s landscapes and experiencing the wonders of nature that I hadn’t previously noticed. As I shared my urban nature escapades with others, people started coming to me asking for information about dog-friendly trails, scenic waterfront stroller runs, and hikes with breathtaking sunset views…the list goes on! I started to consider how I could share with others my favorite outdoor spots within the city.

The GO Deck Was Conceived

Around this same time, my significant other gifted me with an informational card deck to enhance our relationship. I enjoyed flipping through the physical deck, admiring the photos, skimming the easy-to-read content, and handing a card or two over to him for his perusal. The cards—visual, non-sequential, just enough text to give me the gist—were the perfect medium to match my short attention span coupled with the frequent calls for “Mommy!”. In just the few minutes I had to delve into the deck without interruption, I was inspired to try something new. 

This is when my idea for The GO Deck started to take shape.

Outdoors = Connection

Beyond enhancing my health, I believe that getting outdoors and being active are the source of my best memories and have helped me foster deep connections with family, friends, and nature.
Too often, however, when people think about getting outdoors and being in nature, they envision places far from metropolitan cities like towering forests, a snow-capped mountain, or an expansive meadow. As much as I love these wild and wonderful places, they are not easily accessible, nor affordable, for the everyday outing.

I created The GO Deck to show that urban environments are filled with nature. By changing our perspective, we can connect with and let nature help us connect with others. Come join me in exploring the urban outdoors, living an active lifestyle, and creating memories.

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